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Go to your GDI backoffice and and click the "upline" tab in the menu, copy and paste the names of your upline below.


  1. This is my third time in GDI and my first time in TE. I have been using the internet for a long time and have lost money in most everything I have tried. Lately I have been making some money in a few different programs so my luck must be changing.
    My intentions are to start making over $100 a month by my birthday in Aug this year and with the help of this team I will get it done.

  2. Olá…
    Estou ansioso para ver os resultados de nossos esforços dentro do GDI Team Elite!!!
    -Elizeu Marinho

  3. Hi Steven, I have joined the “ bonus team
    and I have personally signed up a new trial member. His name is Dave Whitmer.
    His trial will convert on 5/11/2015. I check the GDI Team Bonus stats and while it does show me as a Team member it does not show the sign up of Dave Whitmer. It does show Dave as a bonus team member. I am not sure if I previously filled in the Step 2. form but I have done so tonight..
    I would like to make sure I do get proper credit.
    Michael Lyles

    • Hi Michael, Yes I have accepted yourself and Dave into the bonus team. However I have no control over the bonuses, that side of things is run by GDI. You will need to send a support ticket to GDI from inside the back office. They will fix it for you.

  4. I recruited a personal recruit today after only 3 hours! His name is Barnaby Anderson. He will convert in 7 days from today’s date of 5-21-2015.
    I don’t see him in my back office either. Just making a note.

    Dedra Allen

    • Hi Dedra, Sometimes it takes a while for new members to show up. If you don’t see them after a week or so then I suggest sending a ticket to GDI support, they will look into it for you. There have been cases of new members joining who have already been members of GDI that do not count as new signups, apparently this is part of GDI’s rules and they have final say on the matter.

  5. I am very glad to join in to this GDI-Team-Elite-Bonus Team and it is very best
    in motivating team members to reach higher levels quickly

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